Scavenger of the Battle

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Scavenger of the Battle is a tale of a war in humanity's future. But, the aliens that the rank and file of humanity fear are not the enemy but the Earth government.
Garth Breen is a salvage operator. His task is to travel to the turnover points between star systems and retrieve the debris from old battles. His life is changed forever when comes across a perfectly intact human ship among the wreckage. Inside, he discovers that it's been altered for use by aliens.
Taken prisoner and taken back to a prisoner of war camp, he meets up with Liman Nonomy, a citizen of the Earth colony around Alpha Centauri. They escape and make a run for Earth. Held in their care is a dangerous secret, a secret that will spark rebellion throughout humanity and trace a bloody new path for the world of humanity and for the aliens they call their enemy.

Scavenger of the Battle was the first novel I wrote. Written sporatically from 1986 to 1990, then edited heavily in 1996; it was a parable of wars people have forgotten about in our world today. After taking it to several publishers, I shelved the manuscript and promised to get back to it. In the summer of 1996, I did just that.
The novel is hard SF. People spend decades travelling from star system to star system. Interplanetary travel is almost unheard of. The aliens are not men in rubber suits. I enjoyed the constraints of a hard SF universe and the opportunities it gave the course of my story. Breen and Nonomy had to confront a "Rip Van Winkle" effect as enthralling and taxing as anything a flesh-and-blood nemesis could muster.

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