A story about the twilight of the Western world. Depicted in the years between 1997 and the turn of the millenium, it follows Larry Davis, an opressed theatre usher. Through anecdotal events of himself and his friends the end our way of life is traced out. The downfall in our society doesn't come in a massive lunge, but in little faltering steps. It's a story of one man's growth in the face of such adversity.
This was my most recent completed work and my one that hits close to home. It was written from 1992 to 1995. In one way, it was my impetus for finishing The Renegades-- an eagerness to jump into this wholeheartedly. I wanted to write a cautionary tale to our people, the inheritors of the Viking and the Roman and the British ideologies. Though the coming years will not mean the end of mankind, they will mean the end Westerner's control over the remainder of the world. And with every revolution, those who grew fat off of their spoils, will not be able to wallow away the disaster that their inheritors bring. Just as the Byzantines fell before the dynamic Ottomans and the Incas fell before the Spaniards, I feel we will fall before other cultures. And so be it. I do not intend to condemn future generations, I just wish to call out to our people that this wave is coming. My own artistic attempt at disaster planning.

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