Alan Moore: Writing Pays Better Than Whinging

  • Posted on: 15 April 2012
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

I have to agree with JMS' sentiment: Alan Moore is a creative writer, vying for top spot as the best writer in comics in the minds of many (mine included). But Moore made a bad deal-- he made a succession of bad deals. How is it that Alan Moore's clout plus an agent or contract lawyer couldn't push the deal to be better? When I've seen bad deals, I've either taken them and looked at the strategic benefit; or I've walked away.
There is little difference between Moore's mindset and that of the Disney Corporation. Both sit on creative material that they riffed on what was created by others (Swamp Thing, Batman, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Beauty and the Beast, Lion King). Both go on and on about the defense of old creative works. Watchmen came out 25 years ago. It's like hearing Walt Disney's frozen head bitching about Steamboat Willy.
I wish DC would give into to Moore: stop re-issuing his stuff and, stop creating derivative works. Just let Moore's work fade into history. Or maybe we can resurrect HP Lovecraft to bitch out Moore for the murky crapfest that was Neonomicon.

What do you think would happen to his stuff if it didn't get reprinted? This DC work reached a wide audience because of DC's distribution of the original work and subsequent redistribution. His work has high points and low points; and the distribution has different ebbs and flows. You can find Watchmen in every book store, but finding copies of Miralceman, All American Best and Neonomicon can take an archaeologist . Moore would be obscure were it not for the publishers. His pastime is bitching about DC, but I have heard of his complaints about other publishers too. If he has a litany of complaints, DC and like-minded publishers should give him what he wants and not publish his work.
Let us all enjoy the unfindable material of Alan Moore.

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