I have always liked food. More than getting a full belly, it's about the art of food. I like to dig into the authentic way to make things. I like to hack ways to find shortcuts. I like to source good ingredients. I like to use skill and experience to make something special about common ingredients. I like to nail the classics. I like to make a spin on the classics. What am I doing with food? Here's some of my recent photos and articles on food, cooking and dining out.

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In my travels, I pause long to take photos and share my experiences. Where's a good place to eat? Where is the service great? Read on...

Cowichan Bay is a charming little community nestled on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, well off the highway and a little South of Duncan. To get there, one has to drive down back roads past rolling farms and miles of trees. The community itself has no chain stores. No Starbucks. No McDonalds. Nothing franchised. They actually don't allow them. In their place are quaint little shops that serve the tourists and little shops for the locals.

On the way into Whistler BC, there is wonderful lodge on the edge of Nita Lake. I’ve been there twice: in the winter of 2015 and the winter of 2016. When I first entered the lobby, it was like I stood in a welcoming wood stove. The smell of seeped in smoke hits you. The lobby is made of dark wood, wrought iron and stone work. Outside the windows, the frozen lake and snowy Mt. Sproatt fills the backdrop.

Some recipes I have crafted.

I continue to hover in a state of non-weight-loss. The great thing with walking: it allows for decent results for the time you put in. The downside: it takes ALOT of time. What am I to do?

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