Plugin 2: The Wrath of Shawn

  • Posted on: 14 July 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

I've done a few of my firsts in the last week. Not my first program mind you (I've been dishing out programs for nigh on 30+ years); nor my first article (again: 28+ years of that dance, too). But I am getting back into these forays. In some way, the split personality is good. I can create topics through the code I create; then write about them to market them. In Dune, there were politicians and geniuses, called mentats. Paul Atriedes was to be the first mentat duke-- formidable to have power and know how to use it. Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying I'm a politician or genius. I'm just saying that two traits in different quadrants can come up handy. I'm a coder-writer.

For the next articles for, I have a big well of topic ideas. I just have to see what speaks to me and then dive in, pitch it, write it, rock it and submit it. Easy, huh? After angsting over getting back into writing, I don't know why I was worried over the prospect. Look out, other mags, I'm coming back and hitting up some online mags where I have wanted to be in print with my specialty of being a coder-writer.

What has me concerned is the encore for the first plugin. I put all of this effort into building the infrastructure. It would be a shame if that effort was to satisfy one plugin with mediocre uptake. What can I do for that next project? I have been trying to mine for ideas. I have some rules in my search:

  • We have to be talking about a WordPress plugin... for now. There are other lucrative add-on areas that I made inroads on, but let's carpet bomb one village at a time, here.
  • We have to be talking about a whole idea. The idea of "I'd like it to remind me of my birthday." is cute, but a little narrow.
  • It has to be open to being tricked out. For each WordPress plugin I intend on doing, I want to release one freebie to and one Prime release to my site Shawn DeWolfe Consulting.
  • It has to be something I can do in a realistic amount of time. There may be something better than Woo Commerce, but I don't want to code it.
  • It has to have a stab at being popular.
Given the rules above, do you have any ideas for something that would make your life, your blog, your endeavors easier if I coded it?

Some ideas, so far

Tell me if you like these ideas or hate them?
  • Creative Commons Image Finder - A way to search online sources for images and then pull those into your media library in WordPress. There two good ones out there now: WP Inject and Photo Dropper. Does there need to be a third one?
  • Facebook Contest Builder - There are some Facebook contest builders out there. Some don't work. Some hook you to a for-pay service. I'm still trying to figure out what there has to be a for pay service in the mix for contests. If you have a website, it should be easy to have a Facebook contest page. Some players out there are charging $300+ per year for this same service.
  • Gravity Forms Display Tool Builder - Gravity forms is so awesome. In Drupal, Views is awesome. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a way to treat gravity form submissions like Drupal Views works? My concern: someone else must be on the cusp of doing this.
  • Share Map - Suck down XML Sitemaps and make them into lists of content. I built something like this a few months ago.
The phone lines are open. Leave a comment below, or email me:

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