How The Plan Played out - Part One

  • Posted on: 18 July 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

I'm almost at the end of my 90 days of daily blog posts. About 90 days ago, I met with Joe Girard. He was through the majority of his 90-day challenge to blog daily. I was impressed with that. I had intended to write more. When I got my first computer about 30 years ago, it was for writing. I later got into programming. By writing something every day I had to exhume topics, flesh them out and put them out there. It's all good exercise in preparation for a return to writing as part of what I do to earn a living. I thought I'd take a moment and share some details on what I did and how well my intentions played out.

Here's how the schedule settled out:
  • Sunday - Selah. Resful contemplative pieces. I want to stop and get thoughtful about things with an emotional quality.
  • Monday - Writing and the life of a writer. This includes discussions of my topics, ideas for where writers can go to publish their stuff. I will talk about my upcoming writing projects as well as blogging, the 90-day challenge, etc..
  • Tuesday -Getting stuff done: marketing, promotion and social media. Give the right material, I can push it and market it.
  • Wednesday - The business of business. What have I experienced? What do I know about WordPress and Drupal? I'm a nerd. Let's talk web design, both concepts and specific techiques.
  • Thursday - The future! I put in pieces about the future, fixing our world and how we can make our lives better. I'm a Viridian. I want to talk about how we're very close to awesome solutions.
  • Friday - Fun, funny and interesting. I aimed for humor pieces.
  • Saturday - What else I am doing? Depatures, cooking and coolness. If I do a day-trip, I will post about it in the Saturday. Saturday is where my selfishness shows itself. It doesn't hurt that my first Saturday was my birthday, so I talked about me, me and me.

Special events (Canada Day, the road trip to Cumberland, etc.) threw off this cycle. As I didn't announce this schedule in advance, I figured I could play around with it. The posts ranged in length from 300 words up to 1500+ words. In a few cases, I didn't have the inclination to write anything at all. I was too tired or too beaten up from the days events. Technically, I think a non-post post breaks the 90-day challenge, but hey: look at Star Trek: The Next Generation. Forty percent of those episodes were total stinkers. If I phoned it in 5 times in 90 days, I'm batting better than they were.

In some cases, I wrote about topics I knew well. In other cases, I wrote in reaction to my personal experiences from the days and weeks prior. I had lots of stuff going on my life during this time. Here's a short list of what happened, in point form that I didn't elaborately write about. In some cases, what I wrote spawned issues in my life:
  • I launched my first WordPress plugin. Okay, I talked a lot about that.
  • I set up a site to sell our electronic products.
  • I got into writing for (thanks for the connection, Mike Vardy).
  • My Mother's Day post, considered by many to be affectionate and touching, caused a family rift.
  • We saw some superstition first hand from my daughter's school administration. I didn't write about it, but I wigged on the school board.
  • I've been trying to progress the social media side of a political campaign.
  • I got to the finish line on a long and crappy project. That happened today.
  • Crap neighbours terrorized us. It resulted in assault charges on the crap neighbour when they wrecked Cheryl's birthday party. There too, I wigged on the bylaw enforcement.
  • I (mostly) dissolved a company that I set up last year.
  • Cheryl and I came up with an excellent idea for a way to market our social media services.
  • A friend and I have come up with a way to really sell a product I have in development.

Writing about issues and general advice caused me once or twice to think, "Physician heal thyself" and make decisions to echo what my advice would have been.

Did it all work? Come back Monday and I'll share where I am at now because of 90 days of posts. Also, where I'm not. You'd be a little surprised.

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