Stress Free Social Media Marketing

  • Posted on: 10 June 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

Lots of businesses stress about tapping into the new customer audiences. Simultaneously, they stress about social media. There is sometimes full-on superstition in response to the question of marketing and engagement through social media. People need a stress free approach to social media marketing and management.

Stress free social is about helping people find a way to make social media fit into their workflow. That is not to say that you have to spend all your waking hours doing social media -- far from it.

There is no single set of rules for social media for businesses. There are guidelines and best practices to shape a flexible set of responses. Social media can carry some pitfalls, but each organization is different with a different audience and a different value to present as well as different opportunities for jeopardy.

Social media done right will give a business a way to connect with new people. Likewise, social media will let people get a feel for where their audience may be. What forum groups do they participate in? What topics do they talk about? In this new space (the space of online participation), finding out how to discover audiences is a combination of joining social media venues and learning how to meaningfully participate in each one.

Connecting is about communicating in a way that the audience will find interesting, useful, or amusing. It is about talking with, not talking to. It requires listening and answering, not just broadcasting. Social media is innately a two way street, like a conversation. Active feedback and questions are bellwethers that your social media strategy is having some traction.

Most small to mid-sized businesses will have senior people feeding their social media engine. That’s a departure from the likes of the Ford Motor Company, PepsiCo or Qantas Airlines. People don’t expect the CEOs of those companies to be managing those channels. They will task off social media management to dedicated people. If senior people in a small organization are participating in social media, it can lend an authenticity and passion that those big outfits cannot match. The trick is unleashing that passion in a productive and positive way.

Smaller companies will have a smaller outreach. Often the owner needs to be the one in touch with the outreach. Owners needs to learn more about their audience and to find them on the platform where those users congregate. Just like going into a room of new people, new people will feel awkward. The stress free social approach can help move from that awkwardness to a state of comfort. Part of that comfort is getting to position where one can check in to a social media platform, answer questions, share content and then get on with their other tasks. Comfort and confidence turn social media from a needy source of stress to a conversation tool -- as easy to use as the telephone.

That’s what stress free social media management can be.

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