State Change

  • Posted on: 4 July 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

A state change or a phase change is when an element changes from one state (solid, liquid, gas) to another state. In rare cases, elements can sublimate and jump from gas to solid and vice versa. You don't have a wet gas or an overly malleable solid-- it's an entire flip. At the sub-atomic level, there can be quantum leaps to and from more energetic states. They're instantaneous. Circumstances in our world and our lives can undergo state changes. I actually think that nature prefers this mode and that incremental shifts are the aberration.

Look at South Africa: the hard line of Apartheid replaced with a reformation and the jailed Mandela quickly ascended to the head of the government. The Iron Curtain fell in a dramatic crescendo.

I was having coffee with friend. He was worried I would mention him in my blog :). We were talking about a string of arsons that predated the Kennedy assassination by a couple weeks. That same pattern happened in a couple weeks before the Rodney King beating; and a host of other crisis moments in American history. There is no reason for arson to be a precursor to assassination save one weird theory: what if there is a zeitgeist in our population? What if the resistance to tragedy fell down and that is what happened in these critical moments? What if we, for some reason, fall into patterns in big groups? World circumstances can rest on that knife edge and follow the course of nature, with a sudden snap from one dynamic to next. What if we're on the cusp of those state changes? I'm sure Blockbuster and other video stores felt high in the saddle only to be knocked out altogether inside of a decade. What if all of the angst over the intractable nature of Big Oil could be supplanted by a string of innovations? What if a broad cure for cancer came about and bing! that end for 13% of people would not come about? What if some political change is waiting in the air for the wind to change? I argue that some of the surprising big changes in the world are hanging in the air and waiting for the wind.

Can state changes happen in our personal lives? I argue that they can happen. My buddy asked me, "Do you know of anyone who donates to anything online?" I said, "Yeah: I do." I donated to IndieGogo. I donated to Baby Molly. I donate to other causes. I donate money to a software developer when I think their shareware is good. "Why?" he asked. I replied, "Because I want to live in a world where that stuff happens for me; and I have to make that belief into a tangible reality by making it so myself." He countered, "Why not just expect the money and not donate yourself?" I replied, "Because the world doesn't work that way." And I believe it doesn't. Sometimes, I follow the herd. Sometimes, I steer the herd. I always note the herd. I always keep my eyes open for the onset of a state change.

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