Six Sunglasses Later

  • Posted on: 18 June 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe
All You Need To Do is Sell Six Pair of Sunglasses Tim Ferriss had a piece on how you can make $4000 per month and he used the example of a company selling sunglasses. The $60 sunglasses sold with a gross profit of $24 per pair. Selling six sunglasses per day or 180 pairs per month and the gross profit was $4,320. For many people, $4000 per month is a decent income. In other words, if you move six units of sunglasses per day you can have a decent income.

Why isn’t everyone doing this? Why aren’t all of you making a decent income from something this simple? Barriers and the desert.


There are several barriers to just selling good online:
  • Setting up a company. You can just start selling, but save yourself the pain. Incorporate your business, wait three weeks and then proceed. Part of the progression in the US involves getting an EIN number (,,id=102767,00.html).
  • Finding a supplier with a fulfillment system. Shopify is your friend here. They can aid with your work to find a supplier ( as well as handle the shopping experience (the next step).
  • Setting up an online store. See my recent post on setting up e-commerce. It can really be almost that easy.
  • Marketing. Marketing is the big kahuna. Powell’s was selling books online before Amazon got into the game. As super amazing as Powell's Books is, Amazon had further reach through its marketing. When you oggle the $4000 per month as though it's found money, you would likely find that a great mass of effort goes into the marketing to make sure that you close six or more sales per day.

The Desert

I like to say, “it’s not the excess of desert that kills you, it’s the lack of water.” I have sold things online. I have customers who have walked in from nowhere to offer me money. I have had success. Why I am I not jetting around the world living large on Internet lucre? it’s because the successes come few and far between. For your venture to get somewhere, it needs to have a heart beat. There needs to be repetition of your successes.

There are two ways to break up the desert. One way is to push your product so far and so hard that you get to a critical mass of attention for your prize product. The more sensible approach is to build a small catalog of items for sale, but then you have to push each and every one those products-- they have to each be loved like they’re all your children and don’t play favorites.

If you want to do that, then pick products that people love and products that are easy to market. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to sell. Find things you that can do enough of both to make them worth your while.
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