The Mandela Effect

  • Posted on: 2 April 2017
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

It's a given that we're multi-dimensional creatures. Our senses let us perceive the three dimensions that we call our own, but we would also exist is other dimensions beyond the X, Y and Z axes. Our first dimension is impermeable because we need to see something with width and length. Shadows look like two dimensional representations of who we are. Our third dimension is the immersive world we live in. After that, we don't think we can perceive the fourth, fifth and higher dimensions. Any dimension sees its effects in lower dimensions. What does that mean to our third dimensional self? We think this is everything: that there is no second dimension abstraction or fourth dimensional nub that we can feel. We turn to the side in three dimensions and our second dimension appears to wholly change. What happens on the higher dimension that changes us in our third dimension? This the jump off point: either you don't believe there is a fourth dimension, etc. -- which flies in the face of physics; or a third dimension change cannot affect the second or first dimension representations of ourselves. So, the question is: what happens "up there" that impacts us down here? Are we the input-output of our senses and, as we cannot perceive more than the three dimensions, we don't have memories or feelings that include what happens? Just because someone cannot perceive something, doesn't insulate themselves from its impact. A blind man can still get a sunburn.

With what happens in higher dimensions up in the air, go further out on the bridge. There is the theory that we can spawn alternative universes every time two possibilities become the outcome we live and the outcome we do not live. That contender reality still exists over there. But these are not spawned at turning points in history. We are supposedly spawning parallel universes with each tiny decision. Millions of universes are being spawn as particulars can go this way or that leaving behind the alternative likelihood as an also-ran reality. These alternative realities cannot be far away, physically. If spawned because a bubbles floated left rather right, then the alternative universe needs to be very close. Our synapses throw signals from neuron to neuron. These alternative universe a locked away in their own continuums but exist maybe even closer that those neuron gaps.

What if these parallel universes are somehow perceptible? We screen out so much sensory input: familiar background noise, our heartbeats, and other tiny effects around us. What if these parallel universes graze our neurons and our memories? This is called, "The Mandela Effect." ( The Mandela Effect is an instance of collective misremembering. It's called this from the collective mis-remembering of the death of Nelson Mandela in the 1980s rather than in 2013 after playing out years as a statesman. It could be that we're getting blow-back from another universe that is atoms away. If could be much more mundane: it could be the easy acceptance of the wrong facts (eg. that Kirk ever said, "Beam me up, Scotty.").

My questions: What do you think? Are we getting the impacts of a higher dimension in our daily lives? Are we mis-remembering facts because one of those spawns realities is thereby enough to bleed in our sensory background noise?

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