Leveraging Greed

  • Posted on: 2 July 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

In this 90-day challenge, it has taken a while for my traffic and impact to take off. As a side effect, I can still scream "Murder!" sans pants in the town square and get no notice. It means I can announce concepts that could get scooped, and know that I am safe to say, "this is how I will make a million dollars!" The Internet brings the freedom that comes from a billion voices and two billion ears-- there's too much to listen to get a dangerous amount of attention. My lack of traffic solidifies that safe anonymity.

What's my million dollar idea? I'm going to leverage greed to make money.

Last year I bought into a car website, https://www.where-can-i-buy-a-car-online.com. It was long in the tooth. The service provider it was hosted at was poor. I moved the site to a better ISP. After I moved and cut back my services, the bills at the poor ISP spiked. I have that worked out now, but it was an added insult to their lousy service. After the move, the hits improved. At this dodgy ISP many of the page requests were going unanswered. That has been fixed up and the traffic is improving daily. The business side is a different affair. We have made improvements. We have some sales; and some affiliate revenue, but not much. Why? We were trying to sell car dealers to advertise. They don't want to spend money. After sitting in a number of car dealerships for a day in Nanaimo, I thought: I'm digging in the wrong place!

Car dealers do not want to spend money. Car salesmen want to make money. Car dealers will give some support to their salesmen (yeah, it's male dominated and there's a pyschology in play). I really feel they hang the salesmen out there catch fish or meet the deep. Why isn't the car sales relationship more like a realtor's relationship? Realtors build relationships. They keep their prospects warm. They will move firms, but retain their client following. Why are car salesmen, mechanics and insurance experts not behaving the same way?

I intend to build out an "experts" section on Where Can I Buy A Car Online? This section will divide experts by the geographies they work in. It will allow a lot of touch points so that each expert can reach out to their customers, foster relationships and be there for repeat business. This is the edge that these experts are looking for. Those who sign up for the service and pay a modest fee will be allowed to have their profile featured in our experts section. We will promote our experts and SEO the beejesus out of our experts. It means that potential customers can connect with the experts and build the trust before they walk on the lot. If an expert moves to a different employer, this will be their profile. We can just update the info and they can work with their existing list of clients at the new business.

This changes the game. Instead of landing one apathetic car dealer, we can land all of their salesmen and mechanics.

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