What Did I Learn in 2014?

  • Posted on: 1 January 2015
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

Here are some lessons from 2014. Some are cryptic. Some are good business advice. Some are “inside jokes.” Some are earnest lessons that I want to share with others who would like to talk.
  • When you get into business with a partner who will sell your product, put in writing the sales quota.
  • People will always ask for freebies.
  • Saying “No” is okay.
  • Saying “Pay me” scares away the suckers.
  • Some gurus are just loud people.
  • Some quiet people are true gurus.
  • This is the best time in history to realize excellent ideas.
  • Make a plan and follow it through
  • Make course changes as soon as needed.
  • I love routine.
  • My miracle weight loss technique: exercise every day.
  • Insecurity is my balrog.
  • I can grow.
  • I can heal.
  • I can be evergreen.
  • I can quit coffee (though I don’t want to).
  • Don’t be afraid to go through doorways.
  • Good intentions are rewarded.
  • Good people outnumber bad people.
  • The world can change.
  • The world can change quickly.
  • Time and attention are wells that quickly run dry.
  • Love is a well that never runs dry.
  • Don’t mistake attention for love. Okay: this enchilada cannot just sit there. Lack of attention is not lack of love. Excess of attention is not an excess of love. When the well of attention runs dry, it doesn't mean that the well of love is tapped out.
  • I can share and not be diminished-- like letting two people stand in the same sunlight.
  • Respect is a cornerstone to life. You can build without it, but what you build will not survive.
  • Respect needs to be given, earned and expected.

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