We're so busy we're saving the planet, we're going to kill it first

  • Posted on: 18 July 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe
I heard about a local politician rallying people to press for environmental change. He believes that this will turn back global warming. If left unchecked, we will see a worsening situation within a century! We have to reduce greenhouse gases and make radical changes. Heck, we're suffering the effects of global warming right now! If the changes take effect slowly and the reversal is slow, it's means where due for several decades of hard times. Will we get there?

The people in the 1950s didn't think "let's destroy the planet!" They made use of the cheapest options available. Gasoline is so cheap as an energy source. Gasoline accomplishes so much work for the cost that it's why we're where are today. The cheap choices created externalities (CO2 release and political decisions tied to the economics of energy supply).

To shift off of the oil powered world, we have come up with a substitute: a replacement for the energy source; and a replacement for the practices that drive the need in the first place. We are not coming to solutions that can create substitute for our lives. I see us tutting current practices that will create a change decades in the future. What if we hit climate change that cannot be reversed because it was not caused by human sources of climate change? What if the restrictions are so economically onerous that we can't keep them up? What they become so unworkable that they bankrupt our culture, we may have to turn back to polluting practices for the sake of economics, and then do nothing to head off the climate change we're trying to head off.

What if we work to ruggedize? What if we work to be ready to survive bad weather that's coming in the imminent decades? What if we look for good substitutes to the energy sources? Then look for ways to change our practices? While worrying about the 22nd century is laudable, we should focus on surviving the 21st century first.

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