Four E-Books In 118 Days

  • Posted on: 19 May 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

After July 29th, I am going to turn out one e-book per week for four weeks. How? Adaptation.

In doing this 90-day writing challenge, I have twenty topics areas to work from. Some of those will never cook into being re-used. I intend to take sixty of the posts and work them into four distinct e-books on separate topics. My blog posts are averaging about 1,200 words apiece. Fourteen to sixteen posts per subject will turn into one of the e-books. I am not going to just recycle my content. I am going to take the 16,000 - 20,000 generated on each topic, edit down the material then build and expand on the topics for each book to pull the content together into a cohesive and thematic whole. What are the coming books?

The Business of Web Design

Are you a beleaguered and underpaid web designer? I have some key strategies that will help any web designer run their business better. How to find better clients. How to carry out better business practices. How to grow and evolve your business into something earns you financial freedom and allows you demonstrate some really great work.

Tips, Tricks and Techniques You Need To Try

There are a lot of cool design techniques that I use and that I am walking through in some of these blog posts. I am going to pull these posts together along with links to code generators that will only be accessible to e-book readers.

Asymmetrical Marketing

Out of the box marketing approaches. There are a lot marketing strategies I use that work but no one else is talking about. Some marketing strategies can be countered or watered down. I have an approach and a workflow that won't get diluted with heavy use. This e-book will include a work book element to get people to go through the steps required and the daily practices.


I am going to pull together my pieces on Viridian living; switching from the gold standard to the kilowatt standard; and how permaculture can change how we live our lives. I actually won't espouse a formal transition. I will map out how people can begin to live their lives in this new mode. The new mode will open the door to new abundance in a way that allows for perpetual decent quality of life.

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