The Fortune Cookie Club

  • Posted on: 12 June 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

Can big changes come in small packages?

There are online services where a writer receives daily prompts. Ideas for exercises and story springboards. Some writers really get off on that. The recurring drip of input and urgings can have a positive effect on some.

What if that were combined with the concept of a fortune cookie? At the end of the meal, you get that little cookie. The slip of paper has a cryptic message. A warning? A promise? You decide. Every so often I will daydream with that one liner in my hand.

What if the cryptic note read, "compliment an acquaintance." or "close that deal."? Since time immemorial, people have acted on signs and portents. Maybe that’s wired into our DNA? Could we be pushed into forward momentum with a series of little prompts? A 100,000 word novel is just taking the opportunity to write 100 words 1000 times. What if every morning you got a text message reading, “Keep going!”

The best part of a cryptic prompt-- it can mean different things to different people. If you give the same message to five people it may spark five different outcomes.

If you embark on such a mission of forward momentum, you need to stick with it. The buddy system could keep you on track. At worst, it can shame you into gear. I suggested that myself and a self group of people form up into little group. We can post pledges-- what we plan on doing. We can execute the turn-- the fugue of getting it to work with all of the tasks intricacies. Then, at the close-- like magic, we can show off the prestige of our accomplishment. Along the way, the others in our circle can look at and dish in cryptic little prompts to nudge each of us along.

What's do you think?

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