Definitely. Maybe. Not.

  • Posted on: 8 June 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

There are some waypoints in my future. Some are just gonna happen eventually. Some could happen if I did the right course adjustments. Some things are not in the cards-- even if people ask me to get into those roles, I will not do it. By my age, I know which is what and why. It’s not that I’ve closed off options, I’ve just recognized the river on my life.


These are things that will happen as time is willing. All of these have been in motion for a little or a lot of time.

Those DeWolfes’ Technology Evangelist and Opportunist.

My plan is pretty basic: I’m going to build and release add-ons coupled to popular applications and services out there. For now, that’s going to be products to augment WordPress, Shopify and Dreamweaver. For now. I will wow this out as I go and gain additional confidence and competence.

I have a property management software business that I am part owner of. Eventually, that will get into gear and offer its services to a growing number of properties. I’m not even getting started on why there’s an “eventually” before that phrase. I cannot even be plied with beer to talk on the “eventually.”

The car website, Where Can I Buy A Car Online is going to get a revamp. I am in the middle of doing that to around the formula of who wants to see the car site succeed. With Facebook, it is said that the users are the commodity and the advertisers are the customers. I am approaching this site with a similar rethink. The car lots don’t care we exist. The car salesmen will care we exist when we’re done the revamp.

Social Media connector.

I stopped being a social media user and I shifted some time ago to using it to propel and promote what I am doing and what others are doing. I have seen a historic amount of faceplants on social media where blind luck gave them false confidence; or situations where they just don’t think things through. There is an array of things that need to be done. My time in marketing predates the Internet. Some good old ideas work well and I deploy those. Some bad new ideas are stuff I will not try despite the flavour of the month quality. As my list of social media clients grows, I will do more to talk about how I do what I do.

I have committed myself to launching one crowdfunding campaign in the next 30 days; and then launch a crowdfunding campaign for IfCon in August. I have to figure out what my first target will be.

Event Producer.

With the coming of Halloweek and IfCon in 2015, these two are inevitable. I am organizing things now to pull these off. Others who create excellent niche conferences of their own are able to integrate their events with the remainder of their lives. What I bring to the table: the ability to execute a plan; and my ability to generate buzz.

Shawn DeWolfe: Novelist.

Have a written a novel? Yes, three times over. Have I written a publishable novel? Not yet. The era of being an angsty unknown novelist is over. Thanks to Kindle, anyone with a novel can self-publish it. At some point, one or more of the novels are going to get out there. The other things I have to do just have to pay off or play out first before I move on to novelist territory.

A Run At The Board of Coast Capital.

I have gathered information about how to get onto the board of the our local credit union, Coast Capital. I’m not an economist or a banker. I am a local and I bring innovative ideas to the table. More than that, I think it’s important that someone like me pays attention to what’s going on there.


These things sit in the no-man’s land between imminent and not-at-all. I would like to do them, but I will be happy to not.


I keep eyeing restaurants-- like the one adjuncted to the new Hotel Zed on Douglas St. I have not worked in a professional kitchen. If I could get a restaurant going, set the tone, set the recipes, then manage the deal, I would be up for it. When will I get time to do this? I don’t have a clue? 2017 or later at this rate. Even if I did it, I couldn’t be hands-on in the business. It would do no one any favors.

Full-time Artist.

I would really like to call “being an artist” my day job. I have lots of creative ideas, but my ability to market my work sucks. It’s a sin. I can market other stuff. As I type this, some guy just spun down my road 50 feet, in reverse, to get a better look at one of my art pieces. There’s some big blockage between the public’s fascination with my art and by ability to turn that into money. Years back (eek-- 13 years ago),I did the website for a painter. We met with some frequency. I visited his studio and I really liked the idea and flow of his work. Income and fortunes would dictate if I could ever shuffle over to this as a career.


I'm not doing these things. Nope.


“You should run for office.” and “We wanted you to run!” etc.-- I ran for office in 1999. Been there. Done that. I applaud anyone who considers running for office. I even work to support important and pivotal leaders. I know what it looks like to be a politician. The population has the whole spectrum of opinions. When running for office, only partisans will cast a ballot for the candidate. After the election, that whole spectrum of the public comes back with their conflicting, unrealistic and all too expensive requests. For about 30 seconds, I thought about running as a school board trustee, but then I reminded myself, “I don’t even attend PAC meetings at my daughter’s school.”

Cooking Contestant.

A friend put through the application process for a cooking show. I looked at the application process. I groaned. By my age, I have picked up a really good sense for when something will succeed and when I will fail. I looked at the application process and I thought, “Yep, I’ll get onto the show.” Fast forward to the show itself. I’ve done film production work. I’ve been the topic of TV interviews. I know what those several weeks on the show will look like: the hot lights, the running around trying to not set the studio on fire. The production staff handling me like I’m a piece of meat. The snide remarks online from trolls. I thought, “Nope.” but I still waffled. I asked Cheryl, “What do you think?” She replied, “You don’t need to do it for the publicity. You know you can get that any time you want.” It’s really true. If I was intending to use this as a platform to get famous, well, it’s not the only brass ring hanging over me.


Wow, am I a bad actor. I have been cajoled to form background roles in a few small productions. What a bad idea that is. I can emote when I speak to an audience, I’ll just do that as needed.

IT Executive.

By 2024, I want to not touch tech for money. At all. The technology evangelist position is part of the long course change I have been making to get to capitalize on my technology and IT market knowledge and then get out, propelled by the process that will give me something and then give me an exit. I also think that IT could transform within a decade. Gunning to toil in IT for another decade would be like trying get a good course in typewriter repair. “IT executive” implies that I would be hired on by a larger company to re-take my role as an IT manager. I could not BS my way through that interview. I certainly could not keep the dance going for any length of time. I’m going to save everyone the time and forego seeking out any IT management job that it outside of one I create.


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