FU: Ask Believe Receive

  • Posted on: 28 May 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe
What if you merge an angry fight-the-power mindset with an airy fairy concept?

As flaky as the Law of Attraction may sound, I give it some credence. Do you have a number that keeps coming up? For me, it's 8:14. I seem to look at the clock at 8:14 with a disturbing frequency. It's not a Law of Attraction that keeps 8:14 coming my way. It's a confirmation bias: you note the same time and discount the other contenders, leaving the same time as significant. There's a psychological reason and it can manifest like the Law of Attraction: you're open to only some things. We do this all the time. We close ourselves off to some things because our brain would hit overload very quickly.

Take the Law of Attraction from the aspect of the perks of confirmation bias:

  1. Ask: Ask is about setting a conscious bias to one topic that would be of benefit to you. For example, "New clients." If you want good new clients, the Ask step is about fixating on that. I have often said, "I'm missing something." That there is something beneficial and desirable almost under my nose, but my brain is set to filter it out instead of fix on it.
  2. Believe: Belief is about holding to the concept and developing a bias, then being open to those results. In The Secret this step is visualization. In this exercise, it's about refining your search tools: pick up the lingo. When we listen to a foreign language, it comes through as so much gibberish. Getting to an understanding of the goal and its nuances is a way to visualize that goal to the point where it's tangible. Belief is a placeholder for realization. Wholly rational people consider belief and faith to be irrational. I would argue that any theory while in the process of formation needs the belief that the theory can solidify into a whole. Columbus sailed West based on the theory he would hit land before his boats sank and his crew starved.
  3. Receive: Receive is the cash in. You wanted it. You stuck it out. Now, get the goods. In The Secret, this is all about the receipt and the gratitude you feel compelled to express. Here's an anecdote of putting the "FU" into this exercise.

    2011/03 Mike Monteiro | F*ck You. Pay Me. from San Francisco Creative Mornings on Vimeo.

    Montiero gave a fiery speech-- a call to action for all of the developers and designers out there who feel taken. The body of work done by haves and have nots is similar. But the haves-- those who have listened to Montiero's message, make more money and have fewer empty deals. They have learned to look for ways to tap into the money available. Some developers and designers will leave money on the table. They do all this work to get up to the cash machine and then they don't draw out that much money. "Receive" gets its teeth by adding in the tenacity of the Montiero message. In the last couple weeks:
    • I billed a fair amount to a client who was runaway needy. I fully expected push back and not get any payment. He paid. A decade ago, maybe I would have said, "I did all this work, but they were grumpy. Let's not bill at all." FU. Pay me. A psychologist gets paid by the sane and insane alike. Same with designers.
    • There was a popular photo that had all of its copyright in place. It should not have been thieved. When it was discovered, we used to get grumpy and issue a takedown notice. FU. Pay me. We sent an invoice for the use of the image. It was paid today.
    • I took over a website last year. We soldiered in obscurity. We kept out a "put your ad here" link. Someone took us up on our offer and we're getting monthly money. How awesome is that?

Asking the universe for something seems uber flaky. But the universe is where I keep all of my hats and keys. It's the place to go to. It's the place that deserves your attention.Even if the message is flaky, look at the end results. If the end results match your goals, go for it.

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