Thirteenish Posts

  • Posted on: 6 July 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe
I have 15 days until I hit my 90 days of blogging on consecutive days. I've already done a couple posts about this process. I do not want to do a couple more. Talking about the 90-Day blog challenge is a little too introspective. So: with 15 days left and some of those fifteen selected, I figured I should both look for the runway and not blog about my blog. Hence, this post-- a non-blog post, but an article:
  • Monday, July 7th - TBA
  • Tuesday, July 8th - TBA
  • Wednesday, July 9th - It's Not Your Fault - I used to take it on the chin about problems in a project that I did invent nor ones I could correct. It's not my fault. It's not your fault. This one didn't happen, partially because of cirumstances I blogged about on the 13th.
  • Thursday, July 10th - TBA
  • Friday, July 11th - Monkey Movies
  • Saturday, July 12th - Finishing Stuff
  • Sunday, July 13th - RESPECT
  • Monday, July 14th - What should my next plugin be?
  • Tuesday, July 15th - How charity can lead you to being discounted
  • Wednesday, July 16th - An interview with techie and diver, Edwin Wessels
  • Thursday, July 17th - Prepping for catastrophe and how we're not doing that.
  • Friday, July 18th - How The Plan Played out - Part One - How many posts happened close to midnight?
  • Saturday, July 19th - Vinyl - Part Two - I be melting stuff
  • Sunday, July 20th - TBA
  • Monday, July 21st - Ninety Days O*f Posts Later... - How are things different?

These are topics I hope to cover:
  • Painted on Doors: places I go by all the time that I never go into.
  • Two Viridian posts (topic specifics are unknown)
  • How to get a WP Plugin accepted
  • How to get to be a Huffington Post blogger
  • My summer plans
Any suggestions? Does anyone want to get interviewed about what they do?

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