Blood In The Water

  • Posted on: 27 September 2014
  • By: Shawn DeWolfe

Where From Here?

I will go to work. Thirty-five hours per week for money will be a walk in the park. For the last four years, I have felt like Frodo with The One Ring as I desperately try to complete my mission. All waking hours have had me in front of the computer, trawling for work, trimming up our websites, working for clients, eating time of the development detours that happen. I am going to enjoy that the 5PM to 9AM is Shawn-time: discretionary and open.

I will keep a short list of side clients. I have a small handful of clients who-- despite being local-- are cool. The remainder, I am flushing. If you are my client and you did not already get an email saying, “I am no longer available,” then I’d like to keep working with you. There are two side projects that are in the offing. If one or both of them surface, I will take them on.

I am going to work on WordPress plugins. I have two plugins percolating. One, “Social Sizer” is for putting right-sized social media share images into WordPress posts-- that should be close to complete this weekend. The other, a social contest generator (that doesn’t require a paid service subscription) is coming thereafter but it’s very complex.

I am going to prep a collaborative service site. Think Fiverr plus barter plus some funkiness that quantifies “Paying it Forward.” I am going to tie it into an IndieGogo campaign to fund and promote it.

I am going to keep the car site going in some capacity. That said, I am open to partnership, collaboration or even selling off my share of the corporation so that someone else can run with it (you should see the business plan).

I am going to write. The last four years has been a thankless slog, that has left me creatively spent. With the Ring going into Mount Doom, I may get some of that capacity back.

I am going to exercise. I don’t know what to do with a lunch hour. For years, I have eaten at my desk, or combined lunch with a business meeting. With 60 minutes for lunch, I am going walk UVic’s Ring Road, despite crap weather or inertia. As you may have guessed, I don’t like inertia.



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